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TurkZeka 2005/2 starts today

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Solving puzzles can be addicting. Sometimes you don't even realize how much time you can spend solving them. People having it as hobby love the challenge and complexity of puzzles. You can find puzzles for all ages and at all levels of skill. Puzzles are considered one of the cheapest ways of entertainment. The first puzzle was created in England in 1760.

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The Largest Puzzle Competitions

Completing a puzzle on your own can feel pretty cool. In fact, that sense of accomplishment is one of the best parts of solving any type of puzzle. However, human beings are competitive individuals by nature. Therefore, if you are quite good at puzzles, you probably want to be able to pitch your talents against someone else.

It was this sentiment that lead to some of the biggest puzzle competitions in the world being organized. Now, each year, you will be able to find fiercely attended tournaments being held all over the globe. Here are some of the more popular ones to date:

The World Puzzle Competition

The World Puzzle Competition is frequently referred to as the WPC. It is organized by the World Puzzle Federation. The World Puzzle Federation is an official entity that allows countries all over the globe to fall under its purview. Each year, the WPF, host the WPC in one of these countries. It first began in 1992 in New York.

The locations range from the Americas to Europe to Asia, with over 25 countries in attendance each year. There are many different types of puzzle that included in this competition. The most common ones are logic, numeral, and visual based. Since the tournament caters to individuals from all over the world, there is less reliance on word-based puzzles. However, these are sometimes present but typically in the form of word searches and other puzzles that do not require language skills.

The World Sudoku Competition

The World Sudoku Competition is hosted by the World Puzzle Federation. For the longest time, this type of puzzle fell under the category of the WPC. To an extent, it still does. However, during the early 2000s, Sudoku experienced a phenomenal rise in popularity. This prompted the WPF to create a separate competition for Sudoku and it was first held in 2006.

There are different types of Sudoku attempted at these tournaments. This includes diagonal, diagonal even, diagonal odd, even, irregular, Isosudoku, Killer, Kropki, Little Killer, Lucky Seven, Odd, and Parquet. Together, the WPC and WSC draw crowds of almost 200 contestants annually, regardless of where they are being held.

American Crossword Puzzle Tournament

The American Crossword Puzzle Tournament is not necessarily a global tournament as it largely caters to American citizens. Nonetheless, it still quite a sizeable competition. It first began in 1978 and is still run by the same man that founded the tournament, Will Shortz. It is not just the longest running crossword tournament in the country, it is also one of the largest.

Each year, this competition garners a considerable audience, drawing people from all across the nation. 2009 was reportedly the most highly attended year with around 700 competitors. Even thirty nine years later, this competition is still going as strong as ever. The competition was first held in Connecticut but because it began drawing such large crowds, the venue had to be moved. It is now held in New York each year. If you are a puzzle enthusiast, it is quite likely that you will find small competitions, wherever you live. If you want break some serious records, however, the above places are where you should do it.

TurkZeka 2005/2 starts today

This year’s first TurkZeka Puzzle Competition ended and top 3 places went to: 1. Yoichi Enta (Japan) 2. Ayfer Aksin (Turkey), Cengizhan Tekin (Turkey) 3. Amnon Jonas (Israel) Second competition

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