Popular Puzzle Games

There are many things that have defined the later stages of the twentieth century and the early part of the twenty first century. One thing is certainly more prominent than the others, however, and that has been a constant change in trends.

What might be popular for a couple of months will quickly disappear into oblivion only a short while later. Oftentimes, people do not even remember this fad or trend. The same goes for puzzle games. People might be absolutely enamored with a game for a moment before giving it up to pursue something else, altogether. There are some games, however, that live on. While they may not be as popular as they once were, you can’t necessarily say that they have been forgotten.


Tetris was first created in 1984. It is a tile-matching game where tiles of different shapes drop down from the top of the screen. The goal is to make sure that these shapes line up with one another, with no spaces in between. This will cause the line or lines that are created to evaporate, leaving more room for building. The goal of the game is to make sure that you do not reach the screen. If you do, it is game over. The longer you can keep the game going, the higher the levels that you will reach.

Tetris managed a couple of decades of fame, actually. It first began as a video game and arcade game. However, as time wore on, it was updated to handheld devices as well. While it may not enjoy the same level of success, you can still find individuals playing this game online. To this day, it remains an enjoyable activity for many.


The name of Sudoku itself is quite misleading. Many people believe that it was first created in Japan but it appears to have been constructed elsewhere and simply found fame in Japan. It is difficult to determine just who is precisely responsible for the puzzle as it has been revised a few times. Sudoku puzzles have been intermittently published in magazines since the late 1970s. While it received mild interest, it became a global phenomenon in 2005. Sudoku was found in every newspaper, magazine, and there were even competitions being held. Some of the obsession has died down but it is still not unusual to find someone with a Sudoku app on their phone every now and then. It still manages to hold the attention of many.


When this game came out in 2001, it quickly became a video game that absolutely everyone was obsessed with. The concept was blaringly simple and the graphics were colorful and eye-catching. It essentially catered to numerous audiences. By making three or more matching jewels, you were able to continue playing. There were several later versions released over the years, including one in 2016. Of course, now it older folk who would remember this game more fondly. However, there have been many games such as Candy Crush Saga that have been stylized after the original version. The monumental levels of success of these follow-up games show that Bejeweled and its concept remain quite relevant even today.

These are the most popular games that, even now, manage to find moderate levels of success around the world.