Types of Puzzles

Everyone enjoys a good puzzle. Of course, that does beg the question, what exactly is a puzzle? Is there one strict definition of what a puzzle is? If you were to ask several people to define the word ‘puzzle’, it is more than likely that you would be give a variety of answers.

This is because there is more than just one type of puzzle. Essentially, anything that requires one to apply logic and skill in order to solve a question or challenge may be considered a puzzle. Nonetheless, there are several tasks and games that fit this profile. Here are some of the more well-known ones:

Jigsaw Puzzle

This is probably one of the more famous type of puzzles. One of the reasons for this is because this type of puzzle has been around for quite a long time. Here, there is an image that has been printed onto wood or cardboard. The image is then cut into various sections that can form interlocking pieces with one another. The task here is to put the dispersed pieces back together again so that the original image will be revealed.

Combination Puzzle

One of the most popular examples of a combination puzzle is a Rubik’s Cube. Combination puzzles have a predetermined order. When this order is disarranged, the solver must follow a particular set of movements or mechanisms to restore this order. These forms of puzzles are typically made with either wood or plastic. They are also known as sequential move puzzles.

Word Puzzles

Word puzzles are probably one of the most commonly found types of puzzles. They can still be found in newspapers and many other print forms. One such example is the crossword puzzle. There are many types of other word puzzles, however, including word searches, anagrams, and word sequences. They can range in all levels from those for children to other more complex ones for adults.

Logic Puzzles

Logic puzzles are ones that require certain types of deduction and reasoning in order to solve the problem at hand. Most often, these type of puzzles are either based on mathematical rules or depend on shapes. One of the most famous cases of a logic puzzle is the Sudoku puzzle. Here, players need to ensure that a certain set of numbers only appear once per line in a grid.

Construction Puzzles

Construction puzzles, as the name suggestions, involves the creation of objects. A variety of pieces are provided for the project. However, there is often a very particular way in which these items must be arranged. There are typically two results of such a puzzle. The object that is created can either be static in nature or mechanical. Mechanical puzzles and stick puzzles fall under this category as well.

These are the most commonly utilized types of puzzles. While they tend to wax and wane in popularity, these still remain a form of amusement for a great number of people. They have changed over the years to conform to current methods of thinking and entertainment. It is more than likely it will reman thiss way, for many years to come.